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開発者Epicomm Technologies Ltd
リリース日2009-12-18 05:16:40
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互換性iOS 9.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
Keeping in mind the User Ids & Passwords for your Banks & Email Accounts, ATM Pins, Credit Cards Pins & Passwords for Social Networking Sites etc is a lot of headache. Now you can save and carry all your passwords in your iPhone, iPod or iPad! Pass Diary-The Password Manager helps you to store all of your passwords, may it be passwords of your e-mail, social networking accounts or bank accounts or be it any website URL and Notes all at one place. Application does not connect in any way to the internet & all your personal data is stored on the Device itself. All you need to remember is the password for using the PassDiary App.

* 1 Million & more users worldwide!!!

Pass Diary Features:-
* Store Usernames & Passwords for Account
* Keep all the Passwords organized by giving them a suitable title
* Random Password Generation using Alphabets, Numbers, Special Characters
* Add Website URL to password entry
* Add Description for your entries
* Smart Search on Password listing page
* Does not require internet connectivity
* Passwords are safely stored on the Device

Backup Utility PassDiary is equipped with powerful “Backup Utility” feature that can be used to backup your Passwords on a PC/Mac which is having Java installed. The Desktop software for PC (Windows) and Mac transfers your passwords from your iPhone/iPod application to your computer and vice-versa following some easy steps.

The file (.epk) exported to PC/Mac uses 256 Bit encryption security. Your backup file on PC cannot be opened by any other program. Desktop utility will never connect to Internet and all your passwords are safe with 256 Bit encryption security used to encrypt backup file.
Desktop utility also works with Mountain Lion OS. The use of this facility is recommended in situations where you are resetting your device to factory settings or formatting your desktop with iTunes or re-installing the iTunes. It also works for circumstances in which your Computer iTunes is infected with Trojan, or you want to switch to another device. iTunes also provides backup features but it may not necessarily support backups in situations mentioned above.Backup Utility is developed for PassDiary users, so as to save passwords and restore passwords whenever required.
Backup Utility is available as an In App purchase just for $0.99 or price equivalent to your country’s currency.Please check to see the snapshots that will give you an idea as to how you can do this and get going.

Now user can view passwords on Mac & Windows desktop Backup Utility using exported .epk file. Passwords can be Exported to Excel as well as to Doc.
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