iWedding Deluxe - the Wedding Planner

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開発者Serendipity App Company
リリース日2009-11-11 04:36:24
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互換性iOS 7.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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iWedding Deluxe is the wedding planner and organizer to guide and inspire you, keeping all the vital information at your fingertips. Feature packed with Todo Lists, Budgeting, Guest Lists and lots of dress inspiration.

Updated for iOS 7 + 64bit for 5s

- can be themed Pink or Blue

Our Extensive Feature List includes:
- a Quick Setup System
- Invitation style Home screen with date & time, venue and Live Countdown to your big day
- our Home screen quick view ‘Binder’ for access to To-dos, Notes, Budget and photos

- Fully customizable To-do list
- Automatically created Scheduled To-do list
- Keep Simple Notes + Business Notes
- Keep track of your Budget automatically or manually
- Average Budget spending assistance
- Add Photos from camera or ‘Photos’ app.

- Designed as information modules - thus allowing you to use only the modules you need

- Record all guest details in ‘The People’ section
- Can use the ‘Contacts’ app for adding guest names
- Can add multiple guests at a time from ‘Contacts’
- Enter guests manually as ’Just the Name’
- Easily add '+1' guests for 'Invited All Day'
- Record guests attending day or reception
- Record Invite, RSVP and status of attendance
- Press and Hold on guest name for quick changes
- Features 'Swipe to Delete' to remove guests
- Record meal choices for reception
- Record if a guest is bringing extra people in the evening
- Seating Plan for Reception
- Seating Plan for Rehearsal Dinner
- Gift Tracker
- Export the important guest section info by Email (such as lists of guests and their meal choices) and CSV file.
- Export by Email - ‘The Details’ section info, Todo Lists, Notes.

- Record all business details
- Record Notes for each business

- Information and Guides for important info which you can export by email
- Inspiration and Ideas for lots of areas of your wedding - such as favors and dresses
- Locate your nearest wedding businesses with Maps - from your current location or from a set location
- Wedding Blog / RSS Reader with some suggestions already built in

- Supports same sex weddings
- Create you own business modules to record anything you want.
- In App Hints & Tips System
- Screensaver / slideshow when in landscape
- Full Share Support (Facebook, Twitter, Mail)
- Use a Pin Code to prevent access to Bride's Dress Section (i.e. prevent access to info + pictures of dress)

Fixed elusive 'Scheduled Todo' list crash
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更新日時:2019年4月25日 13時58分




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