Control Panel Root & Reseller Manager

価格 480円
開発者OKD Limited
リリース日2009-11-03 08:55:09
評価 評価が取得できませんでした。
互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2018-10-16 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Control Panel Root & Reseller Manager allows you to control your CPanel® WHM® account. This allows you to connect to your server and carry out various functions. Allows you to carry out tasks on the moves.

✔ NOW with Multi Server login support.
✔ NOW with all function Restart
✔ Faster over EDGE and 3G data

✔ Option Select
Add as many account as required and select upon start-up. Our application handles 1 to unlimited servers.

✔ List Accounts
Shows all accounts, Suspend, Read hosting package, Users root, Registered Date.

✔ List Packages
Shows all packages, Package Name, Quota, Bandwidth

✔ List Suspended
Shows all suspended, Unsuspended, Reason, Suspended Date

✔ Server Load
Read Server Loads at One Min, Five Min and Fifteen Min

✔ Add Account
Add account by Domain, User, Password, Email and Set Package.

✔ Add Package
Package Name, Quota, Bandwidth, FTP accounts, Mail accounts, Databases, Sub accounts, Parked domains and Add-on domains.

✔ Bandwidth Usage
Shows all users, Usage in Megabytes and Usage in Kilobytes

✔ Display host name
Displays the Servers host name

✔ Reboot Server
Allows server reboot

✔ List IP's
Lists IP addresses on the server

✔ List Resellers
List reseller accounts

✔ Restart HTTPD
Restart your Apache Web Server

✔ Restart FTP
Restart your FTP Service

✔ Restart IMAP
Restart your IMAP Server

✔ Restart MySQL
Restarts your MySQL Server

✔ Restart Other
Restart Named (DNS), Interchange, Exim (Mail), PostgreSQL (SQL), SSHD (SSH), TomCat, CPPop (POP3)

✔ Lists SSL
Certificates and accounts linked too.

Help and support for this application is offered within the application as well as

cPanel®, WHM® is a registered trademark of cPanel Inc. This application has been developed by a third-party developer and are not endorsed, tested, or associated with cPanel Inc.

- Many big fixes.
Fixed issue with number 5 in password as was being encoded incorrectly, login issue for most should have been resolved.

Make sure you delete and readd the accounts as this will clear the settings and allow them to be added again using the new method.
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更新日時:2018年10月16日 14時32分




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