SimpleSong: Yoga

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開発者Flux Visual
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iPad 対応。
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SimpleSong is an advanced auto-generating music technology that makes it easy for anyone, regardless of music skill, to be able to make a rich, evolving song for their yoga or meditation practice.

Just tap the screen in various places and SimpleSong will automatically fill in the song with notes. If you want to customize the song, you can continue tapping to write your own rhythms or melodies.

Then you can walk away and start your yoga practice. SimpleSong will automatically change and evolve over time. If at any point you want to change the song, you can tap the screen in different places to add new instruments.

This allows a yoga teacher or student the flexibility to quickly make their own song without getting distracted from their yoga practice.

- No sliders, buttons, volumes, or pitches to mess with. SimpleSong takes care of the details for you so you can focus on your yoga practice.
- SimpleSong uses randomized compositions, so the song is different each time you use it.

- Tap the sheet music to add notes to the song.
- Tap glowing icons on wood panel to remove instruments from the song.
- Experiment with using all the instruments or just a few to create different compositions.
- Use with a sound dock or stereo to hear the full depth of the sounds during yoga practice.
- Use with headphones during meditation

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