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リリース日2009-10-29 12:17:38
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Listen to audiobooks or podcasts* in bed? Tired of waking up hours later and having to spend minutes to find out where you nodded off? iTired solves this problem by doing an alertness check every few minutes. If you don't respond, it stops playback and optionally rewinds to the time you were last alert. A simple solution to an annoying problem.

- Playback may be paused/started and rewound 30 seconds via in-app controls.
- Controls are hidden when playing to avoid accidental use. Just single tap on the screen to bring them back.
- Configurable alertness check time and expiry notification lead time.
- Configurable alertness sound and sound volume.
- Configurable auto-rewind. Some like to rewind a bit to find their spot instead of listening to some stuff they've already heard.
- Prove alertness by double tapping, shaking the device, or adjusting the device volume.
- When listening in the dark, the screen contrast can be adjusted via a vertical swipe.
- Works with the screen locked though double tapping and shaking will not prove alertness. Volume adjustment still does.
- VoiceOver accessibility support.

To use iTired, use the Music/iPod app to select your audio for playback prior to launching the application. Note that iTired cannot interact with apps that are playing the sound directly (e.g. the Audible app). You need to be using the builtin Music/iPod app. We'd love to be able to but it's not possible currently. You can start and pause playback in the application but there's no facility for selecting what you listen to.

Note that no podcasts, books, nor music are included with iTired.

A more detailed manual for the app may be found by following the support URL.

iTired utilizes application analytics to aid in improving the product.

* NOTE: Apple's recent breakout of Podcasts to a separate app is causing issues with iTired as it no longer uses the built-in Music player. In order to use podcasts with iTired, don't install the Podcast app so they continue to be visible in the Music player.

- added iPhone 5 support
- unfortunately, to support iPhone 5, only iOS 4.2+ is now supported. Ensure you backup your existing 1.5 binary for older devices.
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更新日時:2019年6月18日 03時58分




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