Lange Q&A: USMLE Step 2 CK

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** From the only medical developer highlighted by Apple in every WWDC Keynote since 2008 **

Prepare for your boards and in-service exams efficiently and thoroughly with this app from the best-selling Lange Q&A series, brought to you by Modality, the premier developer of digital learning, assessment, training and reference applications for Apple handheld devices, and McGraw-Hill Professional.

•Over 1,100 USMLE Step 2 CK-style practice questions and answers that focus on what you most need to know in order to pass the exam

•Detailed explanations for every question and answer choice, elaborating on why each is correct or incorrect

•Questions cover all subjects on the Step 2 CK exam and have been written and reviewed by top medical school faculty and practitioners to ensure they match the style and difficulty level of the exam

•Focus on exactly the type and quantity of questions you want to cover at that moment using Modality's customizable quiz dashboard


•Time keeping to let you track the average amount of time you are spending on each question

•Quiz and assessment tools that allow you to track progress and success

•Question browser mode for unscored review of any and all content sections

•Reference mode provides correct answers immediately for quick review

•Detailed statistics organized by category to highlight stronger and weaker areas

•Ability to bookmark and save difficult questions for future study, or shuffle questions within sections or across all sections

•Questions are based on the 6th edition of the Lange Q&A: USMLE Step 2 CK book, published in 2008, written by Carlyle H. Chan, MD, FAPA

Topic Areas:

•Internal Medicine

•Obstetrics and Gynecology


•Preventive Medicine



Devise a customized USMLE prep strategy with this leading review resource, available for Apple handheld devices exclusively from Modality and McGraw-Hill Professional.


Modality is a premier developer of digital learning, assessment, training and reference applications for Apple iOS devices. In November 2010, Modality was acquired by Epocrates, Inc., (, a leading provider of point-of-care tools and interactive services to healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry.

All content © McGraw-Hill Professional.


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