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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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**** NOTE: Version 2 is available for iOS7 and iOS8 users containing improved functionality and optimisation for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus. Search the App Store for 'Percentages 2' or click the Developer Apps link ****

Percentages is a tool which allows you to make percent related calculations instantly and effortlessly by simply entering two values.

Featured in Best iPad Apps magazine
"This very easy to use calculator enables you to work out percentages in any given context almost instantly. A simple app that does what the name suggests very well indeed."

Whilst percentage formulas are not necessarily complicated, they can quite often take some working out. If you deal with percentages in any way then this app will make your life easier.

Percentages is a universal app working on both the iPhone and iPad.

Percentages now comes with EIGHT percentage tools:

1. Find the percent of a number
Use this option to find the percentage of a value. For example, what is 17.5% of 199.99? Answer is 35

2. Find the percent of a part value
For example, what percentage is 55 of 200? Answer = 27.50%

3. Find the percentage change from one value to another
For example, If an item originally cost 19.99 and now costs 17.99, by what percent has the price changed? Answer = 10.01%

4. Calculate the value that y% is of value x
For example, 245 if 15% of what value? Answer = 1633.33

5. Increase a number by a percentage
For example, what is 239 + 7%? Answer = 255.73

6. Decrease a number by a percentage
For example, what is 47.00 less 15%? Answer = 39.95

7. Calculate the original value after a percentage was deducted
For example, If you have an item that costs 140.00 and this was after a 30% deduction, what was the original price before the deduction? Answer = 200.00

8. Calculate the original value after a percentage was added
For example, If an item costs 19.99 including tax at 17.5%, what does the item cost excluding tax? Answer = 17.01


- Large easy to see numbers
- Large numeric only keypad (less prone to miss types)
- Clear and easy explanation of the answer
- Learn mode (Clearly explains how the calculation was made and the formula)
- Popup help for each of the tools (simply press the info icon on the title bar)
- Reverse inputs (tap the centre button to swap the input values around)
- User definable number of decimal places
- International Number formatting with large number separators
- Landscape support (Can be turned off)
- Sharp Retina display graphics
- Copy and paste


- Save and Share
- Currency mode


Love this app! I no longer need to calculate all my work, which usually takes me forever. I calculate percentages on all my SEO SEM month over month traffic and revenue - this is a huge help!

Fantastic app used several times at work so quick and useful thank you

I've always struggled with percentages but I need them constantly at work for stats and reports. This app is exactly what I have been after all this time, it's very easy to use and I would be lost without it now. Incredibly good value and glitch-free - highly recommended.

Fast, easy to use. It spits out the results no problem.

I use this a lot for my price mark-ups/changes at work because my math is poor. Thanks for the simple and straightforward app!

Does everything that it says! Works out the % for you, that's great for my job buying materials for jobs!!


English, French, German, Spanish

We are always open to suggestions so please contact us if you have an idea you would like to see implemented.

Support for iPhone 5
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