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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Live game data for the 2013 baseball season and the most detailed player statistics available on the iPhone, gives you all the information you need to prepare for and enjoy the upcoming season.

"FanGraphs Baseball for the iPhone is a must-have application for any fans interested in learning more about the game they love." -

"the beauty is in the multitude of advanced stats found here, making it one of the most comprehensive of iPhone apps focusing on baseball" -

Packed with details on every major league game and player, including live win probability graphs, box score stats, and play-by-play summaries. Explore career statistics for any major or minor league player including unique data you can’t find in any other iPhone app.

“I have found baseball nerd heaven, and it is a place called FanGraphs... the invaluable repository for statistics.“ Yahoo Sports

FanGraphs Baseball includes the critical stats found on, a site recognized and used by the ESPN, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Sports, and L A Times. visitors say it best:

“... the only place you ever have to go for baseball stats ever.”
“Fangraphs is the best all-around baseball site out there...”
“...this site has significantly increased the intelligence level of baseball talk all over the net.”

FanGraphs Baseball for iPhone delivers portable, in-depth statistics for the thinking baseball fan:
- track your team’s chances of winning with live win probability graphs
- keep tabs on your favorite players with full, live box scores
- track every play and see how it impacts the game
- game graphs monitor win probability and critical situations throughout the game
- analyze any major league player in baseball history
- player linking gives you one click access to player stats from the Box Score view
- get up-to-date advanced fielding metrics via Ultimate Zone Ratings
- see the contract value and actual salary history of any player
- player stats include full data for 16 minor leagues, from rookie-ball to AAA, back to 2006
- includes live game data for 2012 season

Fans of At Bat will appreciate the extra analysis and detail on games and players.

Send feedback, suggestions or requests to

The FanGraphs Baseball iPhone app was created in conjunction with Hawk Ridge Consulting, LLC ( and OpenConcept Systems, Inc. (

Live data for the 2013 baseball season and 2013 Bill James Handbook Projections.
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