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開発者Dan Senatro
リリース日2009-10-08 03:45:56
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互換性iOS 5.1.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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My Checklist is a tool that provides checklists for managing day-to-day tasks, grocery shopping and home chores. I know … I know… another checklist program! I think you may like this programs approach.

In life most of our tasks are repeatable during the course of some period of time… getting cash, doctor appointments, paying bills, buying milk, etc. In this program Master Lists are provided of all the typical tasks that need to be done. Simply select the items from a master and with the push of a button generate the list of items you need to accomplish. You can even set priority levels, quantity or weight to any item. Repeat the cycle above to generate future lists, each with a name of your choice.

The program is easy to use and comes populated with numerous items to get you started. These items and category groups can easily be added, changed, deleted or moved to fit your unique needs. Checklists can also be added, deleted, name changed or copied.

You can email your list to others. Use Bluetooth capabilities to exchange checklists with other devices. Utilize iTunes Share File feature to move checklists back and forth from your computer.

- Daily Task Master List: Many common day-to-day tasks by various group categories
- Grocery Master List: Many typical items from the grocery store
- House Care Mater List: A list of seasonal tasks or projects around the house
- Personal Master List: Build your own unique master
- Generate unique lists from the above masters or create your own lists
- Quick List: An additional list for those quick needed tasks to complete

- Easy to use with minimum learning required
- Master Lists pre-filled with numerous common tasks grouped into logical categories
- View a map of your current location to look at streets near by
- Exchange checklists via Bluetooth or email / AirPrint in pdf format
- Use iTunes File Share to Import/ Export checklists to a Spreadsheet for editing
- Add, Delete, or Change items or groups from any of the lists
- Copy / Paste groups across & within checklists
- Add a Quantity, Priority or Weight (Lbs/Ounces or Kg/Grams) to any item
- Items can be moved around on a list or select alphabetic ordering
- Check mark of items once selected or items can disappear when checked
- Clear all check marks and/or priorities from any list
- Backup & Restore feature

I am a team of one & retired ... so contact me with suggestions or issues found.... this would be greatly appreciated!

-- Master lists are used to create ToDo items. They can be edited ... they are not intended as a stand alone check list ... if needed you could create a ToDo with all items in the master (Options/Select All).

- Fixed issue with iPhone6
- Bug fix
- Added 2nd label for items. Can be used to show actions to take on tasks.
-AirDrop checklist exchanges between devices that support this feature
-Map of current location
-Now supports special language accents
-Returns to last point in list when app restarted
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