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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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We are happy to bring you Cadence App in partnership with Saucony !

Use Cadence App as your music engine and make sure you always have a consistent beat of music to match your workout to. Cadence finds songs that have similar tempos and makes great workout playlists all at the Beats per minute (BPM) you select.

● Use Your own music. If you don't have BPM info, we've got you covered.

For BPM info choose between using your own iTunes library (iOS 4.3 or later only) values or the Echo Nest Database of BPM. If you need BPM info in iTunes check out Cadence Desktop Pro in the Mac App Store. If you are using iTunes Match, Cadence can only use songs you have pulled down from iCloud.

Echo Nest is a database of over 4 million songs with BPM information. Setup using Echo Nest BPM info is a breeze and takes only a few min.

● If you don't own good fitness music, use Cadence.FM !

Cadence.FM is a streaming fitness BPM radio station.

Choose a tag matching the kind of music you want, you'll hear matching music streamed right to your device. Cadence.FM is your on-demand personal DJ playing music at the tempo you select. Cadence.FM is powered by SoundCloud. You will find only the best Trance, Club, House, Progressive, Dance, and many other styles of music created by the SoundCloud community.

● Tweet your current song!

Share the artist, song, and BPM of the your listening to. If your using Cadence.FM share a link to the song so your followers can listen to the song too!

Use auto tweeting to share songs you finish hands free while you workout.

● Cadence plays friendly (Multi-task).

Use Cadence App with your other favorite running or workout app such as Nike+ GPS or Runkeeper Pro. Cadence is your music engine, let your other app do the rest! Works well in the background or as your active app. Keep your GPS tracking app in the foreground if you like!

● Button free Mode.

Operate Cadence in button free mode while your working out and can't look at the app. Easily control Cadence by gesturing anywhere on the screen. Tap to increase BPM, swipe right to skip to the next song. Swipe down to decrease the BPM of Cadence.

● Manage your Cadence BPM Library.

Browse your music library by BPM's, Song Name, or by only those songs missing a BPM. Remove songs or albums that you don't want Cadence to use.

● Tap Fix a songs BPM.

We have included a tap feature in the app that will allow you to correct Echo Nest BPM that may be inaccurate. You can also add songs that are not found in the Echo Nest service this way.

● In iPod mode use Genre Filtering.

Select genres you want Cadence to use. Any genres not selected will be excluded from playback. This also allows you to quickly change from hearing Rock to Electronic music for example.

● Use only a metronome.

Some of you love running to only a metronome. Just flip that feature on and your set to go. Quickly change back to music by hitting play. Press pause again when you want to hear only the metronome.


1.9.0 requires iOS 4.2.6 or later on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 , or iPod Touch 3rd or 4th Generations. If you are running iOS 4.2.1 , check out our other app Cadence.FM

● Notable Reviews and Mentions ●

Apple App Store Essential App July 2010

Featured in Apple " Get the most from your iPod" e-blast March 2010

Runners World UK May 2010
Top 5 App to help you train harder, faster and smarter.

●Need help?

Go to our our support desk @

The most common issue is a crash after migration from an older version of Cadence App. If this happens, delete the app, restart your device and install the app again.

Please, if you have a crash contact us so we can ID the issue and fix it for you and everyone.

iOS 6 Support.
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