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Prescriptive Assessment using the Official Cisco ICND1 and ICND2 Course Material and Official Practice questions used by over 50000 Cisco Partners and Employees


NEW in next release 1.5 - INDEPENDENT STUDY MODE - Off and Online!! Now ALL of ICND content is available with and without a network connection. Study in Study mode, Review mode allows you to study questions you missed ranked by Relevance.

Now the APP becomes a Great tool to Study and Practice for the Assessment!!

We listened to your requests.

"FLASHCARD" mode is HERE!!.Study in both Multiple Choice and Flashcard!! 100's of pages of Cisco Content for remediation.

Study two ways with one APP!!!!

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This Cisco Authorized Exam Prep is the same one that has been used by over 50,000 Cisco and Cisco Partners for their Certification Studies. This is the ONLY Authorized CCNA Content on an iPhone, Study the Best content from the Cisco Learning Partner Program. This is a proven study track for success!! Don’t waste your time. Study the same information used by Cisco.

This is not an Exam Cram/Memorization - It has Rich Content, Explanations, Links, etc.. Learn CCNA topics

This program contains Official ICND1 and ICND2 content (Powerpoints Graphics and Text) use it as a study aid with ANY official Cisco Learning Partner Bootcamp or Training

CCNP,CSE,CCVP is coming in Sept/Oct!!

Tech 2000, a Cisco Learning Solutions Partner is proud to bring you the most Comprehensive CCNA Exam Prep available (Over 400 Questions). Based on the concept of Assessment Based Learning, It combines Cisco Authorized Assessments with a Powerful Assessment Based Learning Engine to provide you with the most Effective Learning Environment available.

Covers all of the Official Course Modules

Building a Simple Network
Ethernet LANs
Wireless LANs
LAN Connections
WAN Connections
Network Environment Management

Small Network Implementation
Medium-Sized Switched Network
Single-Area OSPF Implementation
EIGRP Implementation
Access Control Lists
Address Space Management
LAN Extension into a WAN

Relevance Engine- A patented system that allows a selection of the appropriate content based on the users performance as it relates to the hierarchy of the learning objectives.

Two primary Modes of operation:

- Cisco Official Assessment Question used by over 50,000 Cisco Partners and Customers
-Provides Users with Multiple choice, True False Questions, randomized and delivered in selected Topic and Quantity.
- Advanced Study Features - Direct links to Official ICND1 and ICND 2 Content as a relevane URL's
- URL links tied to right and wrong answers - (Allows Internet access to Pages of content for remediation)
-Selectable question Bank - Randomized or Not - Missed or Not
-Capable of Providing Performance Statistics
-Official Cisco ICND 1 and ICND 2 content to support each question.

Provides Users with 2 Modes to Study their training content.
-Study Mode allows a user to proceed directly to the ICND 1 and ICND 2 Official Content.
-Review Mode allows the Engines Prescriptive and Relevance feature to be utilized. In this mode a users performance on the Practice Engine will spawn a Lesson Plan based on their individual Knowledge-gaps. The Cisco Official content is then served to you based on its significance to your learning.

Provides Users with Direct access to Cisco Official Training. As with the Study Mode this mode uses the Prescriptive and Relevance engine to create a Customized training plan.

Offline Study! Now the More Info from questions appears in the Study and Review guides. So, you can study whether you are connected to the internet or not. There have also been some minor content improvements.
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