Qiblah Compass 2

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開発者AQToor Software
リリース日2009-08-14 04:47:22
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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QQiblah Compass help you to find the direction of qiblah where ever you are.

Because of earth being spherical, magnetic North can differ from actual North Pole as much as 30 degrees. Also normal trigonometric formulas are unreliable because of the spherical shape of earth. Qiblah Compass 3GS uses the latest spherical trigonometric formula to calculate accurate direction toward Qiblah. The algorithm to find qiblah direction once a user's location and true north at that point in earth is found, is very accurate. I have tested it again and again.
To be able to give you a direction of qiblah, the app also needs to find out the direction you are facing and it does this by using internal compass of iPhone. This compass is a very sensitive device and can give inaccurate reading because of any magnetic interferences or the way you are holding the device. This is completely beyond the app's ability to detect, it needs to have an accurate bearing on the direction you are facing to provide you in which direction of YOU is Qiblah. I have tested it again and again and it does give correct direction once their is no magnetic interferences nearby. So rather than giving a bad review, next time you need to find Qiblah direction better take all necessary precautions such as holding device upright, standing away from any electrical or electronic equipment. Now I have even coded the app to query internal compass for any such interferences and alert you about it.

iPhone's internal compass is a sensitive device and its readings can be affected by magnetic interference from nearby electrical equipments. I have now updated the app to detect such interference and alert you about it as well as help you to re-calibrate internal compass.
1. Always hold the device upward facing you.
2. Once the app detects Qiblah direction, move device up and down, right and left. This helps the app to detect any magnetic interferences and improves its accuracy further or alert you about strong interferences requiring recaliberation of internal compass.
3. If an alert is shown about strong magnetic interferences than move away from that place and any electrical equipments and try again.

fixed display of an alert
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