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Our new Liverpool app is here at last - due to popular demand. This is a brand new update to our very popular Liverpool + app. And it's got all our Liverpool chants playable on it! This is primo stuff.

With this app you can set chants as ringtones, profile tones and alarms.

FanChants, as featured in The NY Times, Der Spiegel, NPR Radio, Radio 2 and FourFourTwo magazine.

Over 100 real Liverpool chants, sung by real fans:
- roar em out of yer speakers
- play em before the match,
- in the pub, on the bus... wherever you like!

The app will automatically update to include new Liverpool chants, as soon as they’re available. We’ll also send you push alerts to let you know as soon as they’re live.

FanChants - The No1 app for pro recorded & mastered football chants, no doubt about it:)

What does the app do?
- All Liverpool chants included (and growing)
- Use them as ringtones, profile tones, alarms
- Push alerts let you know when new Liverpool chants are ready
- Staff Picks of other corkers from around the world
- The ONLY app for professionally recorded & mastered chants
- REAL football chants by real fans, roaring from your iPhone
- All lyrics included

A selection of Liverpool chants included in this app:

- Suarez Song
- I just Hate Mancs
- Fields of Anfield Road
- Walk On
- We've Won It Five Times
- Oh Campione
- Liverpool F.C.
- Liverpool, Liverpool
- Liverpool!
- Justice For The 96
- We Won The Cup
- Ring Of Fire
- When The Reds Go Marching In
- Where Were You In Istanbul
- We Shall Not Be Moved
- We Love You Liverpool
- We'll Be Coming
- De De De De Der
- Liverpool (clapping)
- Liverpool Score
- Bounce In A Minute
- Where's Your European Cup's
- Rafa La Bamba
- Steven Gerrard Is Our Captain
- One Robbie Fowler
- Best Midfield In The World

Listen to all Liverpool's chants FREE

Other new stuff:

- Push alerts for new chants as they go live
- A daily Staff Pick from 90 other teams around the world
- Store faves locally to play offline
- Ringtone, profile tones and alarm tones compatible

Proper job!
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