Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess, by Pamela Wells

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Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Spiritual Book and Wisdom Cards
(Based on the spiritual wisdom of the tarot)
Pamela Wells
Artmagic Publishing

"I highly recommend the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess wisdom cards by Pamela Wells; I have used the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess several times over the last few months, and every time I do so, I find its wisdom illuminating, relevant, accurate, and centering. This particular Tarot has eased its way in my heart in an unexpected way. I find that I am especially drawn to it when I need a good dose of spiritual nourishment.
— Janet Boyer, Top Ten Reviewer,

"Pamela writes with the wisdom of a sage and indeed is the embodiment of the modern goddess!"
— Tabby Biddle, Founder and CEO of Yoga Blossum Style

 — 5 STARS by Solandia from Aeclectic Review

"This is definitely a deck worth checking out! More than a deck, more than a series of affirmations – it is a tool of empowerment for anyone that chooses to work with it."
— Bonnie Cehovet, professional Tarot reader, writer and reviewer,

The Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Spiritual Book and Wisdom Cards are valuable tools for spiritual seekers, tarot practitioners, and people of any age. This valuable app will give you inner guidance about your highest potential to create a more meaningful life within the context of your current spiritual and religious beliefs.

Based on the major arcana cards of the tarot, this iPhone/iPod touch app features 22 beautiful goddess tarot cards and explanatory guidance and wisdom from many spiritual and religious traditions which demonstrate the universal relevance of each of the affirmations cards.

-Discover more clarity about the meaning and purpose of your life so you can better yourself and those around you.
-Use the goddess tarot cards as a valuable tool for new ways to perceiving life's challenges.
-Use the affirmations for personal and spiritual growth and as a daily reminder of a positive state of being that exists inside of you.
-Learn how to correctly translate divine inner guidance in order to manifest your highest potential.
–Incorporate the evolutionary stages of the affirmations as a road map to better understand how your life is progressing.
-Spiritual book includes wide-ranging quotations and challenging questions to deepen your understanding of the spiritual wisdom in the affirmations goddess tarot.

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