Junglinge Synth

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開発者Antonio Tuzzi
リリース日2008-12-20 05:48:38
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互換性iOS 2.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
Jünglinge is an evolutionary sound texture creator/generator. An atonal carillon for big boys.

Have you ever dominated 15 stereo oscillators using your thumb?
Now you can with Jünglinge!

Thanks to the incredible processing power of your iPhone™ you can create
hours of (pseudo :P ) music.

Or just wear your headphone and go around generating virtual soundscapes for your real life.

just wear your headphone, touch around, or rest your iPhone™ on the table and do gentle inclinations...

mini HELP:
Jünglinge is an oscillator bank. All the oscillators are in phase, (but not in the binaural field).
Circles represent oscillators.
The X position is the stereo position.
Diameter and transparency are Amplitude.
Y position and colors (from green/blue to yellow/white) represent frequency.

When there is no touch the circles are more transparent and their frequency falls about 2 octave down.
the frequency doesn't fall if the button "Keep Freq" is on and there is no UP/DOWN tilting.

Main actions:
1) Pinch to change the volume.
2) Triple tap to show/hide the oscilloscope.
3) Touch and move on Y axis to move base frequency for all the oscillators
4) Move on X axis to increase the movements of the oscillators around the base frequency

Imagine the iPhone laying on your desk (horizontal state)

1) "Y Tilt Pan" if ON, the stereo position of the oscillators is influenced by LEFT/RIGHT tilting
2) "X Tilt Freq" if ON, the frequency is moved using UP/DOWN tilting
3) "Keep Freq" if OFF and there is no touch and the Jünglinge is in Drone mode, the frequency falls about 2 octave
4) "Triangular-Sinusoid-Sawtooth-Square" is the waveform selector. (waveshape is changed for all the oscillator bank)
(future versions will implement randomization of the waveshapes too)

5) "Drone" if ON the iPhone will continue to generate sounds without touches (future versions will implement a real ADSR)
6) "Glide" if ON, the frequency changes will use linear portamento
7) "Move Amp" if ON, the amplitude for every single oscillator is animated
8) "Move Pan" if ON, the stereo position for every single oscillator is animated.

Added a new "Effects..." page.
The Synth output now is injected into a LowPass filter with Resonance and after in a Digital Delay with a max delay of 1 second.
There is a second low pass filter in the feedback loop of the delay, for fast decay of the high frequencies.
Added "Noise" and "Rand Set" to the waveforms ("Noise" is just white noise, "Rand Set" is a random set of waveform for the oscillator bank).
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更新日時:2018年9月22日 18時09分




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