FreshWater Aquarium

価格 120円
開発者EuiBeom Hwang
リリース日2008-10-19 16:00:00
星3 (117人)
星3 (117人)
互換性iOS 6.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Get your own freshwater aquarium !

(mini fishing game added, now you can
manage three tanks )

Freshwater Aquarium is a cute app that
replicates an aquarium with fish on your
iPhone - mobiriot -

There have been a number of aquarium
apps on the iTunes App Store but none
have been more extensive than FreshWater
Aquarium - IGN Gear Team

25 iphone applications for kids
Something fishy has found its way to the
small screen. This application turns your
iPhone into a freshwater haven for 19
species of fish. .. - gears

19 species available like neon tetra,tiger barb
angel fish even bluegill

Just watch is fun, but more you can also feed them watch them grow,breeding
even mini-fishing game

Make your fish big by feeding.
fish grow bigger and increase their value
and then you can sell that fish.

you can have a lot of fish in the aquarium
in max 40 fish per tank.

features :
feeding , breeding , reacting by your touch
three seperate tank available
also you can mini fishing

All fish graphics is realistic artwork
In normal mode(no menu mode)
fish will run away for a while
if you touch them.
and you can scrolling tank by touch-move

five background theme - rocky , classic winter ,ocean , halloween

Menu ::

-Shop menu. Get new fish
-Info menu. Sell existing fish for a gold
-Setup menu Change bubble on/off , choose another background , onament setting
(christmas tree and shipwreck is default.
you can immediately setup these ornaments
on setup menu or no ornament using)
sound mute option added.
(this sound option changes will take effect after restart application , in mute sound mode you can hear your tunes)

-Bubble menu - In this mode,
you can makes bubble letter by finger move
(see the youtube movie 1.03 bubble mode)
- Fishing menu - mini fishing game

How to feed:
select food icon and touch screen

How to fishing :
cast and wait for fish bait ,
when float down completely tap to pull
look out tension carefully if tension is
high you wait for the while tension will be
reduced. and you tap again repeat this
see youtube 1.07 fishing mode play movie

now fish breeding baby fish.
(how to: feed them , fish will breed at low

Autosave system , if data changed automatically saved.

Thank you all
Update will be continue..with more ornaments and fish , thank you for all your opinions

4.7 5.5 inch support
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更新日時:2019年5月26日 03時53分




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