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星3 (12人)
互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Read your own ebooks or download new titles for free. Tomes (formerly BookShelf) is an e-book reader which provides many features that set it apart in the AppStore:
* Hands-free auto-scrolling
* Download supported formats direct from the Internet or save any web page for later reading
* Built-in access to, the Baen / library and Project Gutenberg
* Handles large multi-megabyte ebooks without a problem
* Supports Numerous ebook formats with images & formatted text (see below for list)
* Transfer your own ebooks from any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer (WiFi Required)
* Follow Hyper-links in documents
* Lookup works in on-device dictionary or on Wikipedia
* Search book contents
* Table of Contents & custom bookmarks
* Custom color, font, and background pattern themes

Supported formats:
* Plain text (in various character encodings) [DL]
* Palm OS (Plucker, PalmDoc, and most Mobi, no-DRM) [DL]
* ePub (no-DRM) [DL]
* FB2 [SS]
* CHM & MHT [SS]
* RTF, MS-Word DOC (not DOCX) [SS]
* PDF (text-only) [SS]

Formats marked with [SS] must be downloaded via ShelfServer on your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC (Java 1.6+ required).
Formats marked with [DL] can also be downloaded direct from the web without requiring a computer.

Using the free ShelfServer from, e-books with pictures and clickable links are transferred from your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer over WiFi. Books are automatically compressed and optimized for best display. Even large, multi-megabyte e-text files open and display in seconds.

Reading in Airplane Mode is no problem. No Internet connection is required once books are transferred.

Important Information on PalmOS Format Support:

Supported Palm etext formats currently include Plucker, PalmDoc (Aportis), and many non-DRM (non-encrypted) Mobi files. Most purchased Mobi files including those from or Kindle will NOT work. Anything which required a "PID" or "reader ID" at time of purchase will not work. Notably, purchased Mobi files from and the Baen Free Library DO work fine. Support for the newer "HuffDict" compression format in Mobi files is limited. Many HuffDict files work fine, but some display with visible HTML tags and other artifacts. Other PDB and PRC file types including iSilo and eReader are NOT supported at this time.

Getting help:

Be sure to checkout the website ( for instructional videos and tutorials. Email or use the support forums on the website if you need any help.

• iOS 7 compatibility
• Fix night mode toggle when reading a book
• Fix a crash when downloading multiple books at once
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