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リリース日2016-11-02 21:52:48
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星4.5 (96人)
互換性iOS 10.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2018-03-14 00:00 トップセールス/ニュースランキングに掲載されました。(126位)
  • 2018-03-13 00:00 アプリ説明が更新されました。
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Finally, go running with your Apple Watch and your favorite podcast or exercise other sports and leave the iPhone at home.

1. Select Pods from Main View
2. Press leftmost button in ToolBar on Main View to select Pod for transfer
3. Do 1. and 2. with other Pods if you like
4. Press most left Button in NavigationBar to start the transfer

WatchPlayer transfers podcast episodes directly to the Apple Watch. These can be played there without the direct connection with the iPhone. The podcast will be played in the background on the Apple Watch. The workout app or other apps on the watch can be started simultaneously.

On the iPhone, WatchPlayer is a complete podcast manager and player. In a directory you can put the sources of his favorite podcasts and can load individual episodes to the iPhone and if you would like to listen to them right there or directly to the Apple Watch for transfer.

To listen to the podcasts on the Apple Watch, you need Bluetooth headphones. Apple has recently taken the support of the built-in speaker of the Watch from the app developers. It also takes a long time until the episode on the watch was broadcast.

Since watchOS 4 / iOS 11, the WatchApp of audio apps on the clock * is automatically started *. There is no way to stop this. You can only set this behavior globally for all apps in the Watch settings. Therefore you can find on the second side of the WatchApp of WatchPlayer an iPhone Control Screen, via which you can remote control the iPhone's player.

The app does not use tracker or other analytical tools. All rights and obligations are the responsibility of the respective podcast authors.

** Version 3.0.6 fixes minor bugs, one download bug. **

** Version 3.0.4 fixes minor bugs. **

** Version 3.0.3 fixes minor bugs, one download bug. **

** Version 3.0.2 fixes minor bugs. **

** Version 3.0.1 fixes a nasty Download Bug. Big sorry. **

** What's new in v3.0 **
- Revised player (iPhone and Apple Watch)
- Downloaded episodes play in order of the main list
- The arrangement can be chosen freely
- Import individual episodes from other podcast apps or WebURLs
- Direct download to Apple Watch possible

** For information and tips **




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