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互換性iOS 8.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Pixomatic is the first-ever mobile app that brings desktop level quality for selecting and masking images. There is no need anymore to avoid selecting hair while cutting out images. Just go over any hair and smoothly cut it out. In just a few minutes create funny pranks, visual projects for your business and social media posts or stunning photo manipulations for creative minds with our full range of photo editing tools. Use smart cutout, add layers, apply blending modes and unique filters to create epic masterpieces.

#1 Paid App in 92 Countries and #1 Paid Photo & Video App in 122 Countries. Featured by Apple in “Great Photography Apps”, “New Apps We Love” & “Share the Fever” on the App Store in more than 20 countries.

What users tell about us:

"Can't believe how easy this app is to use. Really useful for cutting out products from background and in general use its better and quicker than Photoshop."- Boydyonline.

"This is the best photo app on a smartphone to date I've used and I'm a photo technician."- Bluetiger69.

"This is the app to have,10 times better than Photoshop. A must to edit pictures on the go worth it for sure." - by Marco Red Bull.

"Cutting out images of flying pies to paste into my friends' pictures has never been easier." - by runningsealey.

With Pixomatic, you can:

· First time-ever select and cut out any hair- Pixomatic makes even the trickiest, hairy edges easy to edit! !
· Cut out, replace, and remove image elements.
· Replace or remove photo backgrounds. Make it beautiful! Make it funny!
· Blur backgrounds to enhance depth of field and make your subjects truly pop!
· Create dynamic grayscale images from your color originals.
· Apply multiple filters to your edited images for nuanced, sophisticated edits.
· Apply Artistic Style Transfer Filters.
· Adjust image colors with speed and precision.
· Precisely crop and flip images on your first try.
· Smooth images, adjust shadows, and set opacities to capture exactly what you’re looking for.
· Manipulate image perspectives to best suit your devices and audience.
Pixomatic also makes it easy to save your cutouts and edits in a dedicated album for future use.
Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts for tips and inspiration.
Contact us at support@pixomatic.us if you have any feature requests, questions, or comments.

Stability improvements and bug fixes.
Welcome our Anniversary Update !!! Pixomatic is the first mobile photo editor to introduce "Hair Tool"!!!
The first-ever mobile version of Hair Tool is now available in Refine menu.
No need to avoid selecting hair. Starting now you can easily go over and smoothly cut out any hair.
Try out our new Artistic Style Transfer Filters to transform your edits into aesthetic artworks.

With Version 3.0,

• Added new tutorials in Help to unlock all the secrets of making a perfect cutout.
• Added localization into 11 more languages.
• Minor bug fixes.

Found a bug, want a new feature, or think something can be improved? Let us know by sending an email to support@pixomatic.us

Thanks for the all the reviews,
The Pixomatic Team
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