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『ベスト参照アプリ』)ーアプリ編集チーム Art Authorityは、iPadのための、まさに想像を超えた美術館です。様々な時代の1、500人以上の西洋の有名な芸術家による...
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美術、車、宇宙、自然、楽しみ。Envi アプリはフルスクリーンとムルテタッチスライドショーでこのイメージ別々でウエブから鑑賞できました。今、すべて、ひとつアプリ...
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40%-OFF! Art AuthorityをiPhone 6および 6 Plus に最適化、「ベストiPad Reference App」に選ばれたArt Authority for iPadに並ぶ高品質になりました。古代から今に至...
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Art Channel for Apple TV is now available on the iPad too. If you're on the go you can now still watch the best of the art world go by and immerse yourself i...
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Specially chosen selections from our car app collection, in your pocket. Plus access to the full collection. Riding the success of our popular car apps, Car ...
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myCard Free is the free receiver app for myCard. myCard, the full version, quickly and simply beams your contact information to other iPhone users. myCard F...
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A comprehensive collection of works by over 1,000 of the western world's major artists, from ancient times to today. Organized by period and artist, Art Auth...
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Find great art wherever you find yourself. The best way to locate, preview and get to classic works of art around the world: • Locate: easily find museums an...
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AN APPLE REAL-WORLD LEARNING SELECTION, with free lesson plans. A kid-friendly version of our #1 selling classic art app. The same enthralling, real-world ar...
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Beam your business card info (vCard) to other people. myCard was successfully launched at Macworld 2009 and has become one of the most widely used business ...
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Immerse yourself in the top classic Christmas works of art from the Art Authority collection. Over 700 years worth of yuletide paintings from master artists ...
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