Calculator Pro for iPad - Scientific Calculator
Calculator Pro for iPad optimized for iOS 10! Calculator Pro for iPad is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. You can enjoy using...
Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft
Compatible with Pocket Edition and PC versions of Minecraft! (At no additional cost!) Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft is the most popular and advanced Mine...
Photon Flash Player for iPad - Flash Video & Games plus Private Web Browser
+ LIMITED TIME SALE: USD$9.99 -> USD$4.99 + "Photon browser is a powerful and versatile Safari alternative that excels in its Flash support..." - USAToday ...
Plague Inc: Scenario Creator
Enter the lab and develop your own custom scenarios for Plague Inc. with this powerful yet easy to use tool. Create new plague types, worlds, events and more...
*** COMPATIBLE WITH WORD, EXCEL AND POWERPOINT FOR IOS *** With AnyFont it is finally possible to install any additional font in TrueTypeFont- (.ttf), OpenT...
WinZip Pro - The Leading Zip, Unzip & RAR Tool
Get the world’s #1 zip utility on iOS! Create Zip and Zipx files, encrypt, open Zip, Zipx, 7z, RAR or LHA files, send large files by email, share to Dropbox,...
Why type when you can Swype? Swype is the most accurate keyboard on the planet. Whether you type or Swype we enable you to input words faster and easier. It ...
Messenger for WhatsApp for iPad
Messenger for WhatsApp for iPad reshapes communication around the globe, bringing you closer to your family, friends, and loved ones—using WhatsApp on your i...
Living Earth - Clock & Weather
A clock and weather app unlike any you've ever seen. Living Earth presents a stunning live 3D simulation of our planet with weather, forecasts and world cloc...
Cape Creator for Minecraft
Cape Creator for Minecraft is the most popular and most professional Minecraft cape creation tool for iOS. The advanced interface makes it easy to create, m...
Mods for Minecraft PC & Addons for Minecraft PE
*** 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY *** With this app you can install Mods and Addons for Minecraft. If you have doubts you can consult the help. You can ...
Weblock - AdBlock for apps and websites
• Number #1 ad blocking solution for iOS • Over 750 000 downloads worldwide, blocking ads on iOS since 2012 • Works with all apps, not just Safari • No in-ap...
Red Onion - Tor-powered web browser for anonymous browsing and darknet
Red Onion is a unique browser that lets you access the Internet privately and anonymously. With Red Onion you can bypass corporate, school, public wifi inte...
Puffin Browser Pro
Puffin Web Browser is wicked fast. Once users experience the thrilling speed of Puffin, regular Mobile Internet feels like torture. Puffin Browser Pro is the...
iCab Mobile (Web Browser)
iCab Mobile is a web browser for the iOS. It provides many unique and useful features you won't find in other iPhone browsers. APPLE WATCH: The Watch App is...
** DOWNLOAD PIXELMON MOD NOW** Finally Pixelmon mod has its own app! This app has a wealth of information on all the Pokémon creatures from the Pixelmon Mod...
Air Printer Pro - wireless print docs and photos
Air Printer Pro - app for printing photos, documents, contacts, letters and other information directly from the iPhone or iPad without using a computer. A wi...
Geekbench 4
Geekbench provides a comprehensive set of benchmarks engineered to quickly and accurately measure processor and memory performance. Designed to make benchmar...
Calculator! is an easy to use, beautifully packaged calculator for your iPad or iPhone that includes both a standard and scientific calculator. Our versatil...
Block Builder for Minecraft
Christmas Week SPECIAL price.. 50% off. Only .99 cents this week only Super Seejaykay Sale! Create Minecraft resource packs (texture packs) with Block Bui...
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