Speech to Text : Voice to Text
[Social Networking]
You just speak and your speech is instantly converted into text. You won’t have to type anything anymore. Used highly accurate , state of the art latest Spee...
Repost It Pro for Instagram
[Social Networking]
Want to Repost Your Favorite Photos and Videos from Instagram? Looking to Share All The Best Posts on Instagram with All of Your friends? Repost It! for In...
Birthday Reminder Pro+
[Social Networking]
Birthday Reminder Pro+ is the easiest and most effective way to remind you of your friends' and family members' birthdays so that you never forget another Bi...
TeamSpeak 3
[Social Networking]
This is our new, official app from the makers of TeamSpeak voice chat software. PLEASE NOTE: ** This app REPLACES our former "TeamSpeak" app (the one with ...
Tapatalk Pro
[Social Networking]
Tapatalk Pro is strip down version of Tapatalk - only for the forum fanatics - those who like old Tapatalk and wishes it has less bells and whistles because ...
Color Effects HD (Recolor Your Photos & Draw Beautiful Splash Art)
[Social Networking]
Change the color of Photos! Coloring Space lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your...
MyTopFans Pro - Social Tracker
[Social Networking]
Analyzing your Facebook profile, this app reveals the identity of your fans and their level of interest in you. ***** REVIEWS from APP STORE all over the W...
JotBear: Schedule Social Posts
[Social Networking]
Share and schedule posts from your twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms from one dashboard. JotBear is the easiest and mo...
WhatsPad Messenger for WhatsApp - iPad version
[Social Networking]
WhatsPad Messenger - это удобный WhatsApp мессенджер для iPad. Чтобы начать пользоваться, нужно отсканировать QR code с помощью телефона. Функции: - Отправк...
App for Blogger Blogspot
[Social Networking]
Download this Blogger app to start blogging on the go. With this simple Blogger client, you can quickly and easily publish posts to your blog wherever you ar...
Status Shuffle for Facebook
[Social Networking]
** THE LONGEST RUNNING FACEBOOK-ENABLED APP OF ALL TIMES: OVER 8 YEARS AND COUNTING! ** With Status Shuffle, you can choose a status from our huge selection...
[Social Networking]
Threema is the world’s favorite secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations and governments. Threema can be used completel...
New Cool Text Pro ∞ Fonts Make Better Messages with Emoji Font and Cute Keyboard Themes
[Social Networking]
Coolest Fonts, Symbols, Emoji & Kaomoji for iPhone, now in your Keyboard with different cute themes! Create your coolest messages, Facebook updates, Instagra...
My Talking Avatar
[Social Networking]
The ultimate Avatar Movie Maker! Awesome features: * Create a cast of avatar characters for your movies and pictures * Record short emoji videos or long av...
TumbleOn HD - Photo viewer for Tumblr images.
[Social Networking]
#1 paid Tumblr app on iPad! Top 10 in US Social Networking! TumbleOn is the most popular image viewer for Tumblr. This quick and powerful app makes discoveri...
3D Avatar Creator - BuddyPoke Emoji and Pictures
[Social Networking]
Millions of users love BuddyPoke! "The BEST avatar app out there." "You can create all of your friends and even send an animated picture of the avatars vi...
Tweeticide - Delete All Tweets
[Social Networking]
Tweeticide allows you to delete all of your tweets at once. Have you ever wanted to clean out your Twitter account of old tweets? Have hundreds or even th...
Palaver IRC
[Social Networking]
Palaver is a modern IRC client for iPhone and iPad featuring a unique user interface which makes using IRC a pleasure. It fits you and your mobile devices pe...
ADD RINGTONES Text Tones, Ringtone & Alerts
[Social Networking]
ON SALE TODAY! NEVER PAY FOR A RINGTONE AGAIN! Now with UNLIMITED ringtones! A MUST HAVE for your new iPhone! You do NOT have to settle for the boring 's...
Translator: Speech To Text, Text To Speech Translator
[Social Networking]
This application Processes sounds into text, text into sound and word matches. The application contains three main tabs. - Speech To Text - Text To Speec...
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